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Who are the Blue Jay Home Buyers?  We are Eric Konoski and Nicholle Clint. We started this company with the simple concept of helping others out of challenging situations regarding homeownership.  No matter the problem a homeowner may be facing, we have helped previous clients, and we will help you too.  Many of these problems included foreclosure, bad tenants, inherited problem properties, or just looking to downsize and sell your property fast without any hassles

After two decades in law enforcement as a Lieutenant in the police department, Eric found a passion for helping others and saw many people suffering from homeownership problems.  His devotion to helping others, along with his interest in real estate and building better communities, brought him to the realization that he can help people through these situations allowing them to achieve their freedom and giving them their lives back.

Nicholle has a strong business background and has been able to take the same concepts of helping others in her previous business ventures into Blue Jay Home Buyers.  Here is where she shines at her ability to think outside of the box to find viable solutions for each homeowner and their situation.

We believe that being open, forthcoming, honest, and, most importantly, RELIABLE is the only way to do business.  We are genuine people who will do everything in our power to help you, as we have many people in the past.  Go ahead and give us a call so we can get you your cash offer.

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How We Work With Homeowners

Blue Jay Home Buyers is here to help. We’re not like other real estate companies that are out to make a quick profit of off someone’s undeserved circumstances. We want to provide you with the quickest, easiest and smoothest option to get out of an unfair situation with owning a home. If we aren’t able to help, we will always direct you to the company or individual that can help you because our number one objective is to help you, the homeowner, get out of your situation, even if we aren’t the ones buying your home.

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house is like with us, having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

The Easy Home Selling Process

We have 3 easy steps that makes selling your home a breeze! All you’ve got to do is this: contact us to give us information about the house, we’ll come meet you at the house or you send pictures of the home and you pick the closing date! It’s really that simple. We have multiple programs for whatever type of situation you’re in. Our most popular home buying options are us giving you cash or our Save My Credit program, where we can take over your mortgage payments to help you avoid foreclosure. We give you multiple options to choose what’s best for you and your family to get out of the frustrating or stressful situation you’re in.

Our easy 3 Step Process

Step 1

Call Us or Submit Your info

Step 2

Meet Us At Your House

Step 3

You Set The Closing Date